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Common problem
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Corner Grinding & Polishing Machine
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(Fault problem)



 Blurred pictures

1.  The lens is loosened

2. The lens is flooded

1. Lock screw

2.  Wipe the lens with alcohol, then dry up the lens and check the camera protection cover.

Belt Alarm

1. The belt is stuck.

2.  servo driver alarm

1.  Check the belt drive part

2. Check the line or servo motor

 Angle is not standard

1.  Parameter error

2.  Blurred picture taking

3.  Glass edges have water

1. Adjust the parameters

2. Reference question 1

3.  Adjust the angle of the fan

Limit alarm

1. The limit inductortriggered

2. Limit sensor or wire fault

1. Manually move out of the limit position

2. Replace the line or limit sensor

Servo driver alarm

1. Main power supply did not open

2. Servo driver alarm

1. Open the main power supply 

2. View drive alarm code

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