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Common problem
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Drilling Bits
Date:2017-03-07 10:43:35 | Visits:

 Lubrication &Clear:

Lubrication plays an important role in mechanical transmission and equipment maintenance, and it can affect the accuracy, performance and life of the equipment. The oil pump should be checked and added regularly. (plus 0#)

1 .

Oil pump: A., remember to check the butter pump volume every day. B. regularly check whether the oil pipe is leaking. C. regularly check whether each tubing is hit by oil


After the machine is finished, we should clean up the overall return to zero and sundries every day, and keep the equipment clean.


Rail and screw: equipment during the holiday has been stopped for a long time, constantly walking several times more oil pump, ensure the guide wire rod with oil


Every 1-2 months, remove the hood of the spindle motor and remove the glass powder. Notice that you can't hurt the sensor .

5 .

Check the machine line head every day if there is water, there is gas blowing clean, check whether the inductor is effective. 

6 .

Check whether the screws of belt transmission are loose or not, and butter at the connections.


Check whether the water connector is leaking or the water pipe is damaged.


 Be careful when changing bits, force evenly, and carefully hurt your hands.

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